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Carolyn Shannon      Author, Educator &  Intuitive Counselor, Laughter Yoga Leader, Certified Life Coach

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True Emotions Artwork Plus Invites YOU To:


Be Creative - Vent Creatively (this website)


Be Fit  - Laugh YOURSELF Healtiher Stronger Heart/Lungs!


Be Inspired - Women of Worth Magazine & Directory - WOW Gals Stories

Venting Creatively...

Self-Empowerment Begins With You!

 Removing Emotional Clutter Allows YOU to:   

  •   SEE more clearly!
  •   THINK more logically!
  •   FEEL more joyful!
  •   ACT more rationally, objectively and yes, humorously!

All YOU need is to do is trust that it's never, ever... TOO early or TOO late to Begin Looking at YOUR Life from a Different View!

Yes! Adults CAN Color too!!!

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