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Books Highly Recommended by Carolyn To Use along with Her Children's Creative Journal


Empower YOURSELF with Our Interactive Books!

Art from the Heart Adventures©:    

An Excellent Book On Its Own or as a resource for Parents / Guardians of Children using Our Creative Journaling Book for releasing anger & frustration called,  “What Really, REALLY Bugs  Me… sometimes©.”                             

     An Art from the Heart Adventure© is a Uniquely Interactive Book that will Change Your Life by Teaching You How to Look at It from a “Different View”.

You don’t have to be an artist to take an adventure into your own creative place where understanding & answers await discovery.


AFTHA BOOK  *$22.95  + Shipping/Handling

"DRAWING” the Law of Attraction into YOUR Life

 No artistic experience necessary!

 Can’t make it to an in depth, hands on workshop?


This 20 page booklet will take you through the steps of Weeding Out What You Don’t Want, Getting Clear on  What You DO Want & Manifesting What You DO Want. 






 "DRAWING" The Law of Attraction EBOOK   ONLY $4.99 

"DRAWING" The Law of Attraction BOOK  $11.99 + Shipping/Handling

The “Light”er Side of Venting Your Anger & Frustrations©

NEWLY Revised!!!

Suffer from road rage, angry outbursts or stress filled days?

Surrounded by negativity or need to "light"en up yourself?                 Then this is the best package for you!  Read More...

The "LIGHT"er Side E-BOOK  $4.99 

The "LIGHT"er Side BOOK  *$11.99  + Shipping/Handling

What Really. REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes©

At long last, children from ages 3-12 can easily experience the wonderful benefits of releasing anger and frustration in a fun and healthy way through an Art from the Heart Adventure.

 'What Really, REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes© is a charming new personal journal that sets your child on a remarkable path of letting go of the upsets and frustrations of life. Read More...

Each comes with Suggestions on Implementing this book into Your Child's Life & a 3 Week Program to  Help Child/ Children &/Or Parent(s) Develop this Valuable Habit as part of their Daily Routine. 

What Really, REALLY Bugs Me E-BOOK  $9.99 

What Really, REALLY Bugs Me...Book  $22.95  + Shipping/Handling

  Special Offer for Parents, Grandparents & Teachers!

Learn how to help your child/children manage their emotions in a safer, healthier way.

 Experience first hand a technique you can use with your child/children to open the door to communication; Read More...


Parent & Child Duo  1-2     $39.95  +  Shipping & Handling

Special Family /Teacher Online Offer!

Buy 2 Children's Books for $39.95 (Save $5.95) + Shipping/Handling

Buy 3 Children's Books $55.95 (Save $12.95) + Shipping/Handling 

Buy 4 Children's Books for $75.95 (Save $15.85) + Shipping/Handling

Buy 5 Children's Books for $93.95 (Save $20.80)+ Shipping/Handling

Buy 13 Books for $235.95  (Save  $85.35) + Shipping/Handling  

AND  Receive Free  AFTHA Book                                           

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